- Feel at ease in your body
- Have a restorative and energizing sleep each night
- Make better decisions for your unique body
- Learn which foods will give you energy
- Heal the underlying cause of emotional eating
- Build a support system
- Find your balanced weight, one that's maintainable
- Be authentically you so that you can live in complete integrity with who you want to be.


By nature, I'm a people pleaser. As a teenager, I hated to make people feel uncomfortable and would suppress many of my emotions unless I had an opportunity to express them on-screen as a young actress. It wasn't long before this tendency began to manifest itself in a harmful way. By early adolescence I had developed an eating disorder that would continue for the next ten years. 

When I was in the midst of my eating disorder, I lived a life of secrecy even when it was obvious that I was suffering. I was harming my body by neglecting to nourish it - suffering from anorexia and bulimia - but I felt it was the only tool that I had to process what I was enduring on the inside. My eating disorder helped me to mask what I was unable to express with emotion and my own voice.

In healing my own eating disorder, I have learned the importance of standing in your own truth, connecting what your feel on the inside with the habits and behaviors you are expressing on the outside. That's why my program is focused on habit change, because I make it a priority to practice what I preach and it were these small changes that quickly changed my lifestyle and enabled me to heal my relationship with my mind and body and the food that I was feeding it.



"The comprehensive program got me in tune with my spirit, body, and mind. The practices I implemented with Katt have now become a part of my life.  I feel ten years younger and now look at each day as an opportunity to get younger. "

- Sarah, NSW

About the KB Wellness Program



Weekly coaching sessions either over the phone or in person. Get customized coaching exercises that will help you reach your goals and track your progress.

Email Support

Emergencies come up, right? That's why I also offer email support 5-days a week so that I can help to hold you accountable while you transform your life.

Lifestyle Program

Receive an individualized lifestyle program for your physical, mental and spiritual health. Includes eating, sleeping, exercising, and stress-reduction exercises.


checklists & RECIPES

Curated information such as checklists, recipes, and worksheets that are relevant, practical, and actionable. Print them out or download them straight to your device.

Support System

People are significantly more likely to achieve health goals when they have a friend. Build a support system and gain accountability partners with the program.

Nutritional Guides

Simple guides that anyone can follow, customized to suit your unique body and lifestyle so that you can become your own version of happy and healthy.

I do this because I truly love it. I am inspired by your commitment to yourself. I couldnt be on this path without you. So thankyou for sharing the journey with me. Saying yes to this experience means showing up for yourself in a whole new way mentally, energetically, spiritually and physically. 
— Katt Beck, 2017


My program is for anyone who has ever struggled to find balance with food and weight. Its for those who have tried dieting with no long term success. For those who have been caught up in the toxic cycle of stress and emotional eating.

Its for those who feel as if they are doing all the right things, but are not seeing any difference. Its for everyone who wants to embrace and discover healthy living. For everyone who aspires to be the best version of themselves no matter where your at in your health and wellness journey.