Real results for real people. Each of my client's have their own unique obstacles, which is why I design each program to suit the needs of each individual. Here's a sampling of results that some of my clients have achieved using the KB Wellness Program.



Since I started working with Katt in 2014, my physical and mental bodies have changed and continue to evolve. The program made me understand and overcome the obstacles that stood in the way of me achieving my goals.  Katt's coaching goes so much deeper than the foods we eat and the exercises we do. I received a program customized to my physical and mental health only after she got to know me and what I was looking for. I asked for help and I received a friend, a partner, and coach that cares about my well being and keeps me in check! Thanks Katt!!"


NSW, Australia

Katt helped me tranform some old habits that were no longer serving me. I wanted to lose some weight and had been on every diet known with no success. First meeting I had with Katt she explained there would be no diet rather i would be learning to intuitiveley eat for my unique body. I didnt have a clue what she was on about. By the end I was doing exactly that, intuitivly eating. 

I was clueless in regards to cooking healthy meals when starting. Katt came over to my house at my request and literally went through my pantry. She removed all (there were a lot) processed, gmo, added sugar, items. We had an excurtion to the supermarket where she taught me how to buy the healthy versions of what she had thrown away. She taught me how to plan simple meals for the week.

I learnt to meditate and have kept it up, even though at the beginning I told her she would never get me meditating. Katt made me feel like I was allowed to dream and that my dreams could come true. I lost 12 pounds during the three months, i have kept the weight off and even lost a little more following the principles i learnt from the program. 


NSW, Australia

As soon as i began meeting with Katt, i knew that i was about to make real changes in my life. I was impressed that she took the time to ask me my goals and immediately had a personalised plan for me. Ive learned how to work with negative thoughts by replacing them with positive ones. I have so much more positive self talk than when i started the program. 

Katt taught me how to eat not just what to eat. She is full of helpful hints. She had me taking magnesium before bed to help me sleep. It worked. She also had me taking diluted apple cidar vinegar to help my digestion. I gave up coffee, which i never thought was possible. It was also my choice, i started feeling so energised that i realised maybe i didnt need it. 

She taught me breathing techniques to help with anxiety. I use these all the time, especially when driving in traffic. 

Katt brings so much understanding and compassion. I felt safe to be honest and open. This was such a great investment, in more ways than i imagined. 


NSW, Australia

I was skeptical when I first met Kathryn and was told about her program. As a PA in a busy OR, a mother of 2, and workout junkie with a social life I thought I was doing everything right.  It was to the point that I felt like weight gain and bad complexion was a byproduct of aging that I could not affect.  Deep down I knew this was not true, but no matter how I ate or how hard I exercised, I never saw physical improvements.  That changed with the program.

I was a little confused initially by the deep questioning that uncovered roots of problems, but I quickly learned that many other factors affected my physical well being and ultimately my physical body. The comprehensive program got me in tune with my spirit, body, and mind. The practices I implemented with Katt have now become a part of my life.  I feel ten years younger and now look at each day as an opportunity to get younger.  Thanks Katt!


Darwin, Australia

I started working with Katt because I felt like I needed some change in my life. I was stuck in a rut and was too comfortable to do anything about it. But, I was bored and unhappy. With Katt,  I felt like she really understood what was going on with me. She makes you feel seen and heard and like your story matters. The program felt like constant little miracles were happening. I definitely changed the way I ate. I became much more conscious about how and what I was eating. What really changed was my confidence and energy levels. I felt passionate about life again. I have the desire to go out and do things not sit back and watch my world go by. Katt helped me ignite my passion for the outdoors and adventure. Through working with Katt i re discovered my inner child.