Parsley Cashew Cream Dressing

I recently had someone ask me how they could get healthy. They assured me they wanted to be healthy BUT they didn’t they didn’t like vegetables or healthy foods. I was thrown and had no idea how to respond to this question. My mind said “i’m sorry you have no hope” but my mouth said “I need to ponder on this question and I will get back to you.”

When I talk about intuitive eating it doesn’t mean you eat what ever you want rather you begin to build dialogue with your body about what it needs. Sure I might want pizza however is pizza going to make me feel how I want to feel? I might prefer the taste of cacao over a smoothie but will a block of chocolate have me feeling satiated? The smell of the fries may be so enticing that I think I want them but from previous experience I understand they will only make me feel sick after I eat them.


When we begin a healthy lifestyle there may be foods that take time to getting use to. It may not be love at first sight :) But I ask you to start listening to your body and not your taste buds. Your taste buds will catch up and the longer you adopt a healthy lifestyle the more and more you will begin to actually crave healthy alternatives. With time the cravings or desire for unhealthy options begins to disappear. Im not saying you can never ever indulge in these foods again because of course you can. But I ask you to do so mindfully paying attention to how it affects your body. Does your body love it as much as your tastebuds?

Something else that is key to a healthy lifestyle is meal prep. Most people consider themselves busy. I hear it all the time “what if I’m too busy to cook?” first of all its all perspective because in most cases they have time to scroll social media or watch some netflix. You have to make time if you are truly serious about owning your health journey. But we can also make it as easy as possible by doing a little meal prepping at the beginning of the week.

One of my favorite things to prep at the moment is delicious nutrient dense salad dressings. In my fridge I have jars of yummy healthy salad add in ideas such as sprouted pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, goji berries, sprouted spiced almonds, sprouted maple walnuts, sauerkraut and more. By having one or a few salad dressing prepped each week it makes weeknight salads a breeze to make.

Another great meal option that this dressing contributes to is grilled chicken or salmon. Simple drizzle the dressing over the protein and serve along side a salad that has also been dressed in it. I promise you wont get sick of it.

I love using herbs in salad dressings especially parsley for its healing benefits. Parsley is full of nutrients and antioxidants. This emerald green herb helps to reduce water retention and bloating (edema). It’s a natural diuretic, which helps to eliminate excess fluid without depleting the body of potassium. Beyond water weight, parsley aids in balancing blood sugar, helping with long-term weight balance. The list of benefits for parsley is a long one so just trust me when I say make this salad dressing :)


Parsley Cashew Cream Dressing

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This easy dressing is perfect on a salad. It can also be drizzled on grilled chicken or fish for a fresh addition.


  • 1 large bunch flat leaf parsley (roughly remove large stems) 
  • 2 lemon squeezed (5-6 tbsp)
  • 1 cup cashews soaked in filtered water
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 cup filtered water 


How to cook Parsley Cashew Cream Dressing

  1. Discard the excess water from the cashews.
  2. Throw everything into the blender. Blend until smooth and creamy. 
  3. Store in an airtight container in the fridge. This dressing will keep fresh for up to a week. 
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If you have any requests for recipes reach out to me. I would love you to add me on social media or send me an email. I want to remind you that it is totally possible to adopt a healthy lifestyle. One that doesnt feel like a chore rather just becomes you. It starts with small steps and commitment.