Surprise Of All Sorts Balls

You can never have too many snack ball options thats what I think anyway. I clearly love chocolate but I wanted to create a subtle way to get my cacao fix. These balls are full of quality nutritious ingredients and they are the perfect amount of sweet to get your treat fix. Like all my recipes they are free from gluten and refined sugar. This particular recipe is free from all grains.

Nothing but whole foods in all of my recipes :)

Nothing but whole foods in all of my recipes :)

This recipe is really simple. It will take you no longer than 25 minutes to make and thats being generous. I promise. Having healthy snacks stored away is a sure way to keep up with your healthy lifestyle. It takes away the temptation to eat something not so healthy when you have something equally if not (I think) yummier. Preparation is key in a healthy lifestyle. So come on make these delicious balls.


Surprise All Sorts Balls

Yield: 20 - 24
prep time: 30 Mcook time: total time: 30 M
Ohh yummy in your tummy. Kind of like trail mix in ball form but way better and so much yummier. Grain-free and refined-sugar-free this is the best snack ball you will ever try.


How to cook Surprise All Sorts Balls

  1. In a large mixing bowl add goji berries, hemp seeds, choc chips, desiccated coconut and pumpkin seeds.
  2. In the blender add coconut oil, almond butter and pitted dates. Blend until you have a smooth thick paste.
  3. Add all ingredients together and combine. I like to use my hands for this step.
  4. Make into portion sized balls and store in fridge or freezer in an airtight container.


*Buy organic ingredients where possible *Remember to always buy unsweetened almond butter. It is important to read the ingredient label on all your products and not just assume that they are free from sugar and additives.
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Remember to always check your ingredients for added sugars, gums and oils. You want your products to be clean and clear of all additives like added sugars, oils and gums. You would be surprised where they sneak in. Almond butters, coconut products and chocolate chips often have added cane sugar which you want to avoid. If you are struggling to find brands I always link the products I use in the recipe. All you have to do is click on the product. It also supports me as I receive a small percentage if you purchase the product by following the link. So thank you for your support.

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